Creative Industries

Creative Industries is an organization that aims to boost the growth of the creative sector while promoting North Bay as a livable community.


How will we do that?

By supporting local creative businesses, organizations and events.

What will we do exactly?

  1. Represent the interests of the creative sector to government
  2. Host conferences and events that encourage creative business to migrate to North Bay
  3. Establish a micro-grant program for organizations and events
  4. Help to market the sector within and beyond the community
  5. Work with the city to implement policy around arts and culture
  6. Unify the creative sector in North Bay

What's the big picture?

The creative sector:

  1. Diversifies the local economy to encourage investment & job creation
  2. Combats youth out-migration
  3. Sustains a vibrant city centre
  4. Expresses a unique community identity
  5. Drives tourism
  6. Creates a healthy community
  7. Unifies the creative sector
  8. Supports collaboration and resource sharing

Why should we care?

The creative industry contributes more to the GDP in Ontario than forestry, mining and agriculture combined.

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