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Jessa Laframboise

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2022 Author

North Bay’s creative sector is a growing community of local talent. Artists here have so much to offer the contemporary art world. In the summer of 2021, I sat down with nine artists and did a deep dive into their careers. I spoke to visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, writers, and creative businesses in the area. Through conversations with them, I learned so much about who they are as artists, their backgrounds, creative practice, and creative outlooks. I got an inside look at projects they are currently working on and projects that are yet to come.

Each interview was a unique experience.

I met with some people in person and others virtually, and it was an absolute pleasure to speak to everyone. The artists featured in this publication truly conveyed their individuality and undeniable passion for their craft. These conversations left me feeling inspired, and now, after months of prepping interviews, transcribing interviews, writing, and editing, we finally get to share this project with all of you!

The purpose of this publication is two-fold. First, we hope to shine a light on our local talent.

But we are also seeking to develop an archive dedicated to artists in this community, a resource that people can use tomorrow, a year from now, or far into the future. This is only the first edition. There is more to come. There are more artists to speak to, learn from, and be inspired by. This creative sector is rich with talent, and we want to make sure the legacies of local artists are printed in this text and thus imprinted in the community. Thank you to the participating artists: David Briggs (Deep Cut Film Festival), Patrick Gilbert, Kim Kitchen, Lieann Koivukoski (Post Production North), Vanessa Tignanelli , David Dino White, Cory Marks, Isaac Paul, and Bridgette Perron.

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